What can be learned about support to civil society organisations in development countries from the largest evaluation in the lowlands?

Wednesday 1 February 2017, 15.00-17.00 uur, Brussels

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The Netherlands has a long tradition of support for civil society organisations (CSO) in developing countries. In 2010 the Dutch NGOs and the government launched an ambitious evaluation process (MFS II evaluation) to assess the effectiveness of their support in this area, turning into one of the largest evaluation efforts ever of civil society aid programmes. The 11 million euro evaluation involved the assessment of projects of 64 development NGOs over a period of three years and mobilised 175 researchers, who together produced 11.500 pages of evaluation reports.  

Clearly, a lot can be learned from this ambitious evaluation, both in terms of content and experiences with the application of different evaluation methodologies.

Wouter Rijneveld, independent consultant, followed-up the whole process from close-by and wrote a book about the MFS II evaluation together with Vice-Versa journalists Ellen Magnus and Marc Broere.

The Flemish Evaluation Platform (VEP), together with the Research Insitute for Labour and Society (HIVA- KU Leuven) invites Wouter Rijneveld to Brussels to share some insights and lessons as a key-witness of the MFS II evaluation on 1 February 2017. The focus will be on what can be learned about the effectiveness of different types of CSO programmes, together with a review of lessons with the evaluation methodologies used in the MFS II evaluation. This will be followed by a panel discussion with representatives of Dutch NGOs participating in the evaluation and Belgian stakeholders who have experiences with the evaluation of CSO programmes.

The seminar will be followed by a new-year reception of the VEP.

The programme*

  • 15:00: Presentation Wouter Rijneveld
  • 16:00: Interactive panel discussion
  • 17:00: Reception by VEP

(*presentations and panel in English)



Conference Centre Espace Jacqmotte, BTC Hoogstraat 139, 1000 Brussel



Participation is free but you are required to subscribe via this link.

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