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Policy evaluation increasingly attracts attention of policy makers; abroad but also within the public sector in Belgium. This trend is common to a broad array of policy sectors and for all governmental levels.

In 2006, the Flemish Association for Public Administration and Policy (Vlaamse Vereniging voor Bestuur en Beleid – VVBB) took this observation as a starting point to organise an array of three symposia titled: “Evaluation, an added value to policy?” Respective aspects addressed in this triad were supply and demand of evaluation, practical experiences with evaluation methods and tools, and the evaluation of cross-sectoral policies. During the third symposium a first step was made to initiate the launch of a Flemish Evaluation Platform.

In 2007 this initiative has been further developed behind the scenes by a number of organisations: the The Flemish Association for Public Administration and Policy, the Public Management Institute (K.U. Leuven), the Higher Institute of Labour Studies, The Institute of Development Policy and Management (University of Antwerp), The Centre for Social Policy Herman Deleeck (University of Antwerp), The Study Centre of the Flemish Government, the Belgian Court of Audit, the Social-Economic Council of Flanders, the Flemish Environmental Administration, and the Management School of the Province of Vlaams-Brabant.

On December 7th 2007 the Flemish Evaluation Platform was officially launched in the presence of more than 200 people. The inauguration took place in hall ‘De Schelp’ within the Flemish Parliament. For more information on the programme and presentations, click here.

2008 was the first year of operation for the VEP. A variety of themes was adressed by workshops and breakfast sessions. Members were kept up to date by the e-newsletter and this website.

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